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Commencing Your Knock Down Rebuild Journey

Our expert team will expertly shepherd you through the entire Knock Down Rebuild process.

As you embark on your knock-down rebuild journey, your sales consultant will be your trusted guide every step of the way. Starting with the initial site assessment and extending all the way to the post-move-in warranty inspection, you'll receive clear and transparent answers to all your inquiries. This ensures that you have a precise understanding of what to anticipate and when to anticipate it at each phase of the knockdown rebuild process.

A great way to kick off this process is by starting the conversation. Give us a call - let's meet up and have a chat about your expectations and requirements. We like to do a bit of homework about the block of land prior to our first meeting. That way, we come in prepared and can raise our concerns and queries as well.

Before we can look at floorplans and upgrades, we need to ascertain the council (or CDC) requirements for building on your block. After the initial discussion, we would be doing the following:

  1. Complimentary Site Appraisal: The Riverview team will arrange a free site appraisal to furnish you with vital information about the land parcel you intend to develop. This is a pivotal step before moving on to obtaining a fixed-priced tender.

  2. Section 10.7 Certificate: This certificate is a prerequisite for ALL knockdown and rebuild projects. It reveals various property details.

  3. Stormwater Treatment: In an increasing number of council areas, a hydraulic engineer's design for stormwater treatment is now mandatory. This entails hydraulic design for:

  4. Flood Considerations: Areas designated by the council as low-lying, coastal, or otherwise prone to flooding may necessitate flood studies, raising the floor levels of your home, and the use of site-specific building materials.

  5. 88B Document: This spells out the presence of easements and other elements that would affect the construction on your block.

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