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Meetup with interior designer
Meetup with interior designer

Our Process

For a custom builder, each build is different, and so is the experience. But loosely, this is how the process works

Step 1: Getting to know you

At the core of every thriving relationship lies a profound comprehension of one another. Our foremost priority is acquainting ourselves with you and your family, recognizing that this understanding forms the cornerstone of a successful partnership. Through our thorough site inspection, we aim to delve into your vision for your home. We meticulously evaluate factors such as the dimensions, configuration, incline, and surroundings of your land, enabling us to recommend the most fitting house design. Whether you're working with your own architect or relying on our expertise, we diligently review existing plans to ensure their suitability and feasibility within the context of your site and budget. We will talk about the standard inclusions, selections, upgrades etc. at this stage as well. This comprehensive approach not only instils confidence but also nurtures trust, laying the groundwork for a robust and successful collaboration.

Step 2: Your new home design

With a comprehensive understanding of your family dynamics, land specifications, and your envisioned home, the next step is to embark on the design phase! If you have a preferred architect, we seamlessly collaborate with them to translate your vision into every intricate detail. Alternatively, our team of skilled architects and architectural designers, well-versed in the art of crafting dream homes, is at your service. Whether you choose to bring your own architect or leverage our in-house expertise, our goal remains steadfast: to transform your vision into the perfect home, paying meticulous attention to every nuance.

Step 3: The tender

Following this, Riverview Homes will assemble your tender. During this process, our estimators will engage with specialists, including certifiers and engineers, ensuring they are equipped with the latest and precise information concerning your site. Subsequently, they coordinate quotes and engage in negotiations to secure the most cost-effective options for your home, all the while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality and design standards. Upon finalization, we personally deliver your tender, providing a platform to address any queries or concerns you may have.

*Conditions Apply

Step 4: Draft plans

Now, it's time to engage with the Construction Manager and design team to initiate the creation of your preliminary draft plans or review your existing ones for feasibility and constructability. The preliminary draft plans encompass a Site Plan, Floor Plans, and Elevations. Upon receipt, you have the option to make modifications to align the plans with your envisioned home. Once satisfied, a final review precedes the formal approval. Rest assured, our cohesive team operates with a unified vision, ensuring seamless guidance throughout the process to guarantee the timely and budget-conscious construction of your luxury home. By transparently outlining our process, we collectively safeguard adherence to deadlines, minimizing potential setbacks and additional costs.

In tailoring your new home to reflect your unique style, our in-house team is on hand to assist in choosing both external and internal colours, finishes, and products. Our curated selection of premium fixtures and features is carefully chosen to meet the expectations of contemporary living. Alternatively, you have the option to engage your own designer for this purpose. The decision is entirely yours, ensuring a personalized touch in the creation of your home.

Step 5: Personalising your home

Your ultimate plans are revised to incorporate your chosen finishes and are subsequently submitted to the pertinent authorities for approval. You have the option to opt for a Development Application (DA) or, if applicable, a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). Following this, your Building Agreement/Contract will be meticulously prepared and presented to you for thorough review and signing.

Step 6: Approvals and contracts

The commencement of building your new home is at hand! Prior to the initiation of construction, we will assign a Building Supervisor along with a dedicated member of the team, both responsible for providing regular updates on your home's progress. You can choose to appoint an independent quality control professional to conduct inspections at various stages to guarantee that your home is constructed to the highest standards throughout the entire process.

Step 7: The build

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