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Building the Future: Riverview Homes’ Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Welcome to our blog series on how Riverview Homes is leading the way in environmentally sustainable home building. As we adapt to the new BASIX 7-star guidelines, our commitment to sustainability is stronger than ever. Through innovative collaborations with clients, suppliers, trades, and designers, we are dedicated to constructing homes that not only meet but exceed environmental standards.

In compliance with NSW BASIX regulations, we are dedicated to developing a comprehensive BASIX Series. This series aims to guide you through the essential design elements necessary for your new home to achieve the BASIX 7-Star standard. Our in-house experts will break down critical design elements such as orientation, insulation, ventilation, lighting, windows, appliances, and more.

Over the next few weeks, we will post detailed blog entries on each aspect, helping you build a sustainable home for your family. Stay tuned to learn how Riverview Homes is setting a new standard in sustainable home building, ensuring our homes are comfortable, stylish, and contribute positively to the environment for generations to come.

FAQ - Residential Building Sustainability - BASIX
Download PDF • 161KB

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